If you’ve ever had foot pain, you won’t argue this point one little bit.

But what I’m referring to is Foot Reflexology.  If this is a new term for you, it refers to the mapping of the components of the body onto the corresponding areas of the foot for the purpose of massaging those areas to improve body function.  For example, a problem with kidney function might be addressed by massaging that area of the foot (located in the center of the sole of each foot).

If you have ever experienced a foot reflexology massage, especially by a less-than experienced reflexologist, you might think of reflexology as a very painful treatment.  The pain comes when areas that have crystallized acids or toxins are massaged.  The massage breaks up this crystallization and relieves the pain and improves the function of the corresponding body parts.

Crystallization is not commonly painful UNTIL it is touched.  So most of us are unaware of the language of the feet. You might have had a sharp pain in a very particular area of one or both feet but not given a second thought to it as your feet “talking to you” about a problem in your body function.

I have experienced reflexology massage from China to the US and have always found it to be profoundly helpful.  You can find interactive foot maps on the internet.  Here is one link:  www.reflexologycharts.org 

You can practice reflexology on your own feet.  So try a little self massage and see what the map can tell you about what your feet are saying to you.  Then find an experienced reflexologist for a 30 or 60 minute session so you can learn more about how to do reflexology.