Sherry Dell, PhD, Rev: Author, Interfaith Minister, Health Educator, Holistic Nutritionist

As a result of her 25 plus years in clinical holistic nutritional practice, Sherry has become a believer and teacher of the gentle wholeness to which we are all born.  This birthright to wholeness is what makes it possible for us to re-connect to the state wherein all healing and health is normal.  We can do this through our lifestyle, our thoughts, our diet and our daily practices in general.


Sherry’s journey through the arts and sciences of holistic natural healing began with her mother’s cancer diagnosis in 1987. After caring for her mother during her medical treatments and subsequent death 14 months later, she felt strongly that there simply must be a better way. She came to believe that no one should have to suffer such pain, fear, and loss of hope in the last months of their life.

Her studies took her from the halls of academia to South America, Mexico, Europe, China, New Zealand, Fiji and less exotically, throughout the United States to study with master herbalists, Native American shamans, nutritionists of all kinds, wise women, scientific researchers, and many, many other types of healers.

sherry at great wall of china

Sherry on The Great Wall of China, 1998

As a farmer’s daughter, it has been easy for her to see the connection between the deviation from health and the corruption of the food chain via modern farming practices. The depletion of soils and the wide-spread use of chemical herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers have succeeded in producing a much lower quality food product for mass consumption.

Education and Credentials

Sherry with her father

Sherry and her Dad, Myron Dell

Following her Father’s life-long admonition to “learn something new every day,” Sherry found her way early to the joy in books, classes, universities, and the wisdom of elders.

She holds a PhD in Human Communication from the University of Denver, a Master’s degree in Professional Writing and a Master’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature from New Mexico State University, and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, Morris in Spanish and Latin American Studies. 
She holds both a Certification in Nutrition and a second doctorate in Holistic Health Science and Nutrition.

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In addition to formal, traditional education, Sherry has studied continuously in the field of natural healing since she began in 1988. She has trained and been certified in iridology, aromatherapy, several forms of herbalism, and free radical therapy (the holistic interpretation of biochemical markers for the purpose of balancing body pH) to name a few. She has studied extensively in both medical intuition and dream healing in the Asklepian model. She has published significantly in the field of holistic health and nutrition.

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Her primary interest areas of research and study have been in the many forms of medicine provided by the plant kingdom (western, eastern, and native American herbalism, homeopathy, plant essences, aromatherapy) and she is devoted to the teaching of the family farm tradition of self reliance in health care.

In the practice of holistic health, Sherry has learned that non-physical matters impact health even more than physical matters. Unconscious experiences in the emotional, spiritual, or relational realms, as well as the over-emphasis on the intellectual or ego aspects of personality can co-create negative effects on wellbeing. To this end, her studies have also included many kinds of religious, spiritual, and counseling practices.