If you have 8 minutes free, watch this Abraham video on the four most powerful things you can do everyday:

  1. meditate for 10 minutes
  2. spend as much time as possible in nature
  3. write down 5 pages of positive aspects
  4. acknowledge the universe is focused on you at all times.

Thank you, Abraham for such a clear direction.  You’ll get more out of the video than from my experience.  But hey, this is my blog so here are my thoughts:

Ten minutes of a clear, empty mind just plain feels good.  But more than that, it calms you down and opens you up to a new world of possibilities.

Time in nature gives you a healing dose of beauty everyday and oh, so much more.  I am grateful to my dogs for making sure I get outside.  My Dad always used to say that if you have a dog, you’ll never lose touch with the earth.

Another word for “acknowledge the universe” might be gratitude or it might be prayer or it might be receptivity.  Tell me what you think of this idea after you see the video.

I am just starting this idea of writing out 5 pages of positive aspects.  But I can imagine the power in focusing more and more of my consciousness on positive energy and I’m excited about it.  Let me know if you try it.  (I’m starting with small pages in a journal and hand writing them).