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Nutritional supplement manufacturers vary enormously in their quality assurance practices. Sherry has dedicated herself for the past 25+ years to the ongoing research that is necessary to recommend the best quality products.

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About Sherry

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.

Suffering is necessary until you realize suffering is unnecessary.
– Eckhart Tolle

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.
Dalai Lama

A day is a miniature eternity.
-R.W. Emerson

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
-Mahatma Gandhi

Measure your health by your sympathy with morning and spring.
-H.D. Thoreau

For all that has been, thank you. For all that is yet to come, yes!
-Dag Hammarskjold

It takes a long time to become young.
-Pablo Picasso

To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.
-Lao Tzu

You have been walking the ocean’s edge,
holding up your robes to keep them dry.
You must dive naked under, and deeper,
and a thousand times deeper.

Sherry’s Books

The Art of Connecting with Nature

This book is an invitation to awaken a part of you that you might have felt a calling, but didn’t believe you had a right, or know how you might answer.

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When Beauty is All You See: The Poetry of Grief

If you have known great love, great loss, the agony of grief, or even the experience of your own mortality, this collection of poems offers a shared pathway to walk with a kindred soul.

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Sherry’s Books

The Art of Connecting with Nature

This book is an invitation to awaken a part of you that you might have felt a calling, but didn’t believe you had a right, or know how you might answer.

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When Beauty is All You See: The Poetry of Grief

If you have known great love, great loss, the agony of grief, or even the experience of your own mortality, this collection of poems offers a shared pathway to walk with a kindred soul.

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Book Reviews

This is a really sweet primer on life as told from the perspective of a wise teacher-pup named Sally. She offers her thoughts on everything from basic self care (food, medicine, exercise) to emotional topics and dealing with the world. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I highly recommend it. Thank you to Sherry, Sally’s typist, for taking the time to listen to this wise soul.


I felt transported to The Camino through Sherry’s account of her journey. So rich in personal experience and heart felt awareness. I loved the dog chapter….what spectacular greeters they were. I was introduced to los horreos. What a unique look back in time. All the pictures added so much to the detail of the tale. Being a traveler myself and confined this year due to COVID, this book was a grateful respite. I was reminded what a gift the walking path and adventure are for Spiritual sustenance.


Sherry Dell’s The Camino Lessons is a book of transcendence, of two parallel journeys, one of the body, one of the soul. Tale of a pilgrim walking an unknown route, learning at every step of her 89-mile journey along the Camino del Norte. The pilgrim learns to trust the signs, route, people as she averages 14 miles each day. And the pilgrim’s soul journeys along, learning the lessons of love, self, and the One. Both journeys are needed for the Lessons. The tale is told in narrative, poetry, and photos. It is well told and is full of signs, fields, rivers, people, silence, solitude, love, reverence, joy, and of course dogs. A book well worth reading and rereading.


If her typist is loyal to Sally’s views, and I believe she must be, Sally is truly a philosopher and a teacher.
And that’s how she sees herself. Those of us who have been influenced by the dogs in our lives (or by cats or horses) can attest to the insights we’ve gained from them. Sally is fortunate to have a human typist who listens acutely to her advice for humans and puts that advice into words that humans can understand.
Sally is eloquent on loving and on guarding what you love, including your pack. Her views on loyalty and forgiveness are more typical of dogs I’ve known than of humans I’ve known.

I find her comments on “fools” particularly astute and quite typical of dogs:
“I hate to speak of fools, but they exist and they can cross your path. For me, it is a simple thing to discern a fool. . . . They can interrupt your path and they can take your time, which is, of course, your most precious possession.”


What a rich and rewarding collection of essays! Dell’s love of nature reflects that in Mary Oliver’s essays. I felt myself walking with her and her dog by the lake and in the autumn woods. Besides the delicious reading, I found delicious recipes, all in keeping with the clear and comprehensive nutritional guidance she offers. And then, a heart-filling story of rescuing a dog while she and her husband were vacationing on Kauai. Both these compassionate people spent days of their vacation time on getting care and finding a home for an abandoned dog they found on a mountain road. Clearly, nature, with all her creatures and plants, dominates the author’s life.

Besides being a vastly rewarding read, this book will serve as a reference and guide for many years. My copy already has page markers for recommendations about nutritional supplements, practices, and recipes. Even now, sitting here and writing, I hear Dell’s admonition to BREATHE! I also hear her telling me to get up and walk around — stretch your body! I am inspired by her description of what she calls “vibrant longevity.” which she says is available to those who practice good nutrition and good health practices. So I’m increasing my water intake — divided my weight by two and drinking that many ounces of water a day. (Well, TRYING to do so. Not easy, but I’m coming close.) I would dearly love to add another decade to my 85 years, especially if the added years can be active and healthy ones. Thank you, Dr. Dell, for your inspiration.


The author discovered the Camino and its history in the late 1970s when she was a 20-year-old student at the University of Seville.
Forty years later she vowed she would go to Spain and make that pilgrimage herself. For many months, she trained for the 89-mile walk, which she planned to complete in seven days.

While reading her book, I felt that I was walking with her, taking in all that she experienced, including her meditations along the way. I smiled as she stopped to pet the dogs and give them treats, or to chat with local residents. I felt the breezes, felt the path beneath her feet, saw the trees and birds and flowers, the cattle and sheep grazing in fields, and experienced with her some realizations about the loving connection we share with every bit of the world our senses embrace. Her photographs and poems enhanced my experience with her story. Perhaps other readers will benefit as I have from The Camino Lessons.

Swim Coach

I found this book to be an easy, delightful and heartfelt read through the eyes of a dog named Sally. I am not much of a reader, but I sat down (with my 5 dogs by my side on the porch) and read through this in a day. Sally reminds us of not to overlook the important things in life and gives great reminders on how to life a healthy and simple life. I truly enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it to anyone & everyone! Thanks to Sally’s human, Sherry, for doing such a great job capturing all that Sally had to offer to us humans.


Wow- it is rare to read a book full of useful and practical knowledge all in one. The best part is you are also in awe of the story unfolding in each of the little chapters. This book made me laugh, breath for sure, cry, take inventory of my eating habits and inspired me in multiple ways. It seems so simple- just adding a few of her tips has made such a difference. Awareness and knowledge is the beginning but when you can connect it to your daily life- it’s a win! This should be a best seller!

Dr Dell’s book is full of knowledge, wisdom, and charm. It is well written, and helpful.

I love this book. It tells the story of a very loving family and their canine companions. I did not want the book to end. As all books written by dogs, they never live long enough.

I really enjoyed all of the adventures and places that Sally and her family traveled to. I learned a lot from the wisdom that Sally shared with her humans in the book. It makes me want to get outside and take my pups for a hike!

I highly recommend this book.

Amazon customer

Since I’ve always wanted to walk the El Camino, through Sherry’s reflections and poetry, I was able to capture the essence of the journey and appreciate its value……all from the comfort of my chair! Beautifully written and heartfully expressed.


The Camino Lessons is a book that takes you on a journey of meaning and transformation. Sherry authentically paints the picture for us so that we can be there in discovery and delight also. Even the cover of the book is so evocative of the textures and sensations of the journey that it draws me in. A very special book that inspired me.


This sweet little book is packed with wisdom for dogs and humans alike. Sally is indeed a wise creature in all areas of life, and a lot of that has rubbed off on her typist Sherry. I loved how simply and directly this book is written, how easy and enjoyable it is to read, and the calm, contemplative state it produces in the reader. It focuses on the most basic elements of life, the aspects of our everyday existence that most of us, in our frenetic race to get our to-do lists finished, never even stop to think about, but which are far more important to our health and happiness than anything on that list. Thank you, Sally (and Sherry), for reminding us of the things that are truly important in life! How to Live is a book we all need to read, whether we’re dog owners or not.

Reader at Heart

Sherry Dell’s tribute to her father, A Good Ole Soul, should resonate with anyone who had a loving paternal relationship — especially if it took place anywhere between 1921 and 2012. In addition to providing a charming and folksy story of a rather remarkable man, Dr. Dell has given readers a reliable sense of those decades in rural America. She is an accomplished essayist whose vivid descriptions are supplemented with abundant photographs from those decades. She captures the character of her father with some lengthy and pithy observations in his own vernacular.

“Kids are not happy today. They’re bored. Why? If the damned television or somethin’ don’t work, they can’t entertain themselves.”

This reader felt that she could hear him talking. Sometimes funny, sometimes philosophical, sometimes heartbreaking, and always absolutely charming!!


How to Live is a delightful little book and an easy read on how to live one’s life from a dog’s perspective. For dog lovers, lots of useful information about caring for your own pup. Sally, the author, is a 12-year-old mixed breed who has learned lots about dogs and humans during her life, and she shares that learning with us. Sherry Dell, Sally’s typist, is a student of natural ways of living and healing, and Sally has obviously absorbed lots of that information along the way. Sally passes on to the reader much of her own instinctive understanding of how a dog’s life, as well as a human’s, is best lived. She reminds us that, unlike the traditional western idea of humans as separate from and superior to nature, we are an integral part of the wonderful, beautiful web of life around us. This is book worth reading and using as a reference for living well with your dog.

Art Elser, author of To See a World in a Grain of Sand

When Sherry told me about her plans for a Camino Pilgrimage, I was fascinated. I hike regularly and consider every hike a journey into soul. But my hikes are almost exclusively on the (exquisite) trails behind my home. The idea of fulfilling a long held yearning to hike sacred trails across the seas created a desire to go myself. My second desire was to piggy back on Sherry’s journey. This book gave me the opportunity.
She doesn’t just describe her experience. She transports me with inspired prose, poetry and pictures.
Experiencing Sherry’s travels through the eyes of her soul helps me experience my own meandering through the eyes of my soul.
Or I could say through God’s eyes. Awesome, awesome.


Loved The Book!!!! Sally’s perspectives on How To Live were very welcoming to this reader. Sally left me finding my day in better shape than when I started with each turn of the page! A must read for every dog lover!!!

Recommended Books