How to Live: One Dog’s Wisdom for Humans on Health, Love, and Life

Seen through the eyes of a 12-year old mixed breed dog named Sally, this charming “guide book to life” offers simple and powerful words of dog wisdom.  Sally’s advice ranges from the importance of sitting in the sun, chasing your tail, and trusting your instincts, to how to be kind to yourself and how death deepens love. 

According to Sally, “humans act like their nest isn’t important or that it isn’t about their own lives. But that isn’t true. You can know a lot about a creature by where they live and how happy they are in their nest.” 

And on aging: “This is what I want to tell you about aging well. Pay attention to what you have gained with the passing of the days and years; forget about anything that might have been lost or changed. It is meaningless. All that matters is here with you right now. Take advantage of it. Share it. Squander it, in fact. After all, what could you possibly be saving it for?”

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