Age 31

The gift of how to move is the short answer.  The actual words that popped into my mind were “bodywork”.  To me, bodywork is probably a very different and much more expansive concept than what most people think (that aren’t massage therapists -aka, bodyworkers, themselves).

My life has been gifted with many trails of wonder and intrigue that have led me further and deeper into the mysteries of the universe via Soma.  Soma is body, and when you really take the time to explore just what this mass of tissues, liqiuids, senses and consciousness is, it is quite a beutiful thing.  And so damned awe-inspiring.

Bodywork is more than just what I do for a living.  It is becoming my life and I want it to!  I consider bodywork to be the culmination of wisdom in practice due to and found within various ancient and possibly yet unkown systems of working with the affore-mentioned definition of body.  Such systems include Yoga, QiGong (Chi Kung), Tai Chi, Massage (perhaps not all massge falls into this category, but I assure you there are many therapists out there who do practice such mindfulness in their work), and even buddhist, yogic and other forms of meditation.

This is my life’s dedication and I am so fortunate and grateful for being here and on this path.  It has literaly saved my life from darkness, depression, drugs and violence.  I am sure I would have been dead was it not for the path of healing and wisdom.

For this reason I have made it my mission to reach people with the simple truth and healing energy of these practices so that they too may strip away that which inhibits them and makes them not who they want to be.  So that YOU may find your true path and true voice.