Throughout history there have been individuals (you might even know one) who were vibrantly alive, enthusiastic and clear about their work, passionate in their capacity to love, and seemingly unable to age.

flying girl

It is our connection to the life force that gives us that kind of really-alive life.

When the practice of connecting to the life force is strong in you, it becomes quite natural to make optimal choices for your health and longevity.  Today, even modern medical research has the scientific proof that aging need not be thought of as inevitable, but rather, as a disease that can be treated, slowed, and even reversed.  Life span estimates for the next 30 years are expected to be 120-130 years and beyond.

Our connection can be full and free flowing; in which case we will experience abundant energy and the pink of health. Or our connection can be pinched and limited and resisted at every turn, in which case we will experience varying degrees of fatigue, depression, pain, and other negative emotions or sensations. When our connection to the life force is reduced down and down to nothing, we die. No life force, no life.

The good news is we all have the ability to choose to connect more fully with the natural flow of life force that surrounds us and all things. Probably you already know about this though perhaps you haven’t thought of it in these terms.

When you get excited working on a project and time passes effortlessly and you complete the project feeling more energized than when you started, you have plugged yourself in to the life force. When you hold a puppy in your arms and feel yourself smiling broadly from the inside out, you have connected to the life force. When you fall in love and you can’t sleep and you have boundless energy, you have let go resistance and let the life force flow into you. Basically, if you feel good (not just okay), great, passionate, you are connecting. And if you feel poorly, bad, terrible, you are not connecting.

Begin by trying to spend at least some amount of every day feeling really good about something. Commit to 2 minutes per day and see what happens!