There is not no.  Only Yes.  What you say yes to, you include in your life experience.  What you say no to, you also include in your life experience.

If you have ever struggled with extra weight, the chances are very good that you’ve tried any number of “miracle” diets.  Maybe they worked for a while or maybe not at all.  But it is a rare person who loses weight on a miracle diet and keeps it off for any time.

There is a good reason for this problem.  But it has a lot more to do with philosophy and physics than it does with calories.

I believe that most weight loss programs do not work the way we think they should because they are at cross purposes with the universal law of attraction or inclusion.  This law suggests that what we focus our thoughts, time and energy on, (whether these are wanted OR unwanted things), is what makes up the essence of our life.

This would apply if we want peace but spend our time thinking about war; or if we want slenderness and spend our time focusing on weight.

On the level of quantum physics, energy, and vibration, all things are drawn to like things.  A focus on weight can ultimately only attract more weight.

It is my clinical experience that the person who wants to lose weight achieves this goal much more readily when they are able to identify what they want to gain or attract rather than what they want to lose. In this light, the goal is often changed to a desire for health or strength or overall wellbeing. A program of holistic biochemical balancing begins to make more sense than a program that just focuses on weight loss.

In a holistic biochemical balancing program, you may learn that your unique body needs more essential fats, more water, more sleep, and more passion. And perhaps your neighbor or spouse needs more iron, more B vitamins, more time in nature, and more stretching exercises. Because our uniqueness is infinite so must be the protocols used in these programs.

In my experience, a healthy body naturally finds its optimum weight. The question of losing weight, then, becomes a minimal concern as the law of attraction is working on bringing you health.

• see for more information on Abraham’s work.