Chronic illness is any set of symptoms in the body that causes discomfort or threatens wellbeing and that persists known or unknown to you over many months or years.  Generally these are conditions that involve multiple systems of the body. For this reason, they are not easily diagnosed nor easily treated.

Cancer, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, auto-immune diseases, chronic digestive malfunction, diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, heavy metal toxicity, environmental sensitivity, are all examples.

WaterThough, perhaps, the diagnosis or naming of the symptoms into one big label is perhaps the least helpful strategy of all.

In any case, what can be very helpful is the holistic consideration of all aspects of wellbeing and then the slow, baby steps back toward balance in each of these arenas.  For some people this may mean the healing and re-establishment of digestive function, the introduction of a slowly increasing exercise program, and the replacement of missing nutrients.  For some people this may mean the use of detoxification strategies, the incorporation of increased rest periods, and the elimination of alcohol/coffee/sugar/drugs or other immune suppressants.

Seldom (read never) is there just one magic pill or one unique treatment that can solve the imbalances of chronic illness.

What has taken years and years to create can seldom be repaired in a few days.  However, it can be significantly improved in weeks and months of multi-faceted changes to diet, lifestyle, thought patterns, and other routines.  Changes that you choose with guidance according to your own tolerance and desire.

Perhaps because it was her mother’s cancer that first brought her to the world of alternative health care, Sherry has always specialized in chronic illness.    It has been her great pleasure to accompany those who choose to make this journey back to health and wellbeing.

On every fourth step, you are meant to fall down.
Not occasionally, not once, but on every fourth step.
The ground opens up, the wind blows,
A branch hits you in the head,
You trip on stones, your heart breaks,
You’ve got to fold the laundry,
And they’ve closed the two left lanes.
Here on the fourth step,
All the forces gather together to stop you.
And some people, when they fall down,
They lie there for the rest of their lives.
And some people learn how to fall-down-get-up.
That is one move.  Fall-down-get-up.

— Naomi Newman