Perhaps because it was her mother’s cancer diagnosis that first brought her to the world of alternative health care, Sherry has always specialized in cancer care. It has been her great pleasure to accompany those who choose to make this journey back to health and wellbeing.

Serious illness does not develop overnight or even in a short period of time. It generally takes years for conditions such as cancer to take root and grow. Poor diet and stressful lifestyle choices accumulate over time, slowly deteriorating the body’s state of health.

The good news is that virtually any condition can respond positively with good nutrition and appropriate lifestyle choices.  The important point to remember is that if it takes years to create serious illness in the body, you must also expect it will take a significant amount of time to create wellness in the body.


You can also expect that creating wellness will take significant personal effort in educating yourself about wellness.  You will be re-learning how to make your day-to-day choices regarding what you eat and drink, how to relax and rest, how to prioritize your daily obligations, when to exercise, etc.  You can expect that the way you spend your days will be changing dramatically, especially during the transition period.

Sherry offers a clinical holistic nutritional counseling package designed to help you begin this transition.  This is a program that you can conduct in the comfort of your own home.  Of course, there are in-residence program available around the country, so you may also want to evaluate those.

Sherry’s holistic nutritional program is based on a three-phase plan that includes:

  • Phase I:  Cleansing & Detoxification
  • Phase II:  Rebuilding
  • Phase III:  Maintenance

The nutritional counseling package outlined here will guide you through Phase I and introduce you to Phase II.  Experience has shown that this is the time that you will want the most help in making these changes.  Subsequent appointments can be scheduled as needed to guide you through Phase II and into Phase III.

The nutritional counseling package includes:

  • One phone or skype appointment weekly for 6 weeks (6 appointments in total)
  • Email support as needed during these 6 weeks
  • Two comprehensive blood/urine tests and two hair mineral analysis tests

Appointment time will be used to review your blood and hair tests, to identify food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies or excesses, to design and monitor your detoxification program, to design your individualized supplementation program, and to begin to introduce you to healthy foods, menus, and recipes that are most appropriate for your bio-chemical individuality.

Contact Sherry for complete program fees.  An initial pre-program appointment is available  for a one-time cost of $100.  This appointment can be used to answer questions you might have and to find out if there is a good “fit” between your goals and Sherry’s.

As you can see, this program requires a significant commitment in time, effort, and finance.  Please take time to consider this commitment carefully with your family or other support team members before you begin the program.  It is not always easy to make these changes in your lifestyle.

Of course there are no guarantees that changing  diet and lifestyle choices alone will reverse the illness processes in the body.  In truth, health in general is a much more multi-faceted process that includes our non-physical wellbeing as well as our physical choices.  Emotional, psychological, spiritual, relational, social and so many more non-physical components of our lives play a crucial part in our health.

Sherry is of course unable to guarantee outcomes to the program or to give refunds.  Additionally, Sherry accepts only one new client every 6 weeks to ensure that she can provide the commitment and support that you will need to achieve your wellness goals.