Athletes or people who exercise frequently reap many, many health benefits from their activities. It simply isn’t possible to gain optimal wellbeing without an active exercise life no matter how well you eat or how many supplements you take.

However; it is also true that frequent, prolonged exercise puts its own demands on the body by accelerating the rate at which nutrients are used up and by increasing the demand for nutrients needed for healing.

And to further complicate the picture, exercise is a stimulant and like other stimulants, it can mask the true state of the body’s needs.

So it is not surprising when athletes have heart attacks or other “sudden” onset health crises; even though by most medical standards, they are “very healthy.” Exercise actually can make a person feel good when they shouldn’t feel good.

Marathon Runners

Vigorous exercise creates a steady stream of chemicals that function a lot like heroin and opium. This is the “natural high” that runners speak of. Over time, daily prolonged exercise can create a very real addiction to these chemicals. In turn, this addiction makes it difficult for an individual to stop exercising long enough to be able to perceive clearly the signs and symptoms that the body is sending.

The easiest solution to this “problem” if we can even call it that is to be sure to check your body’s health status regularly through hair and blood and other functional laboratory tests. In this way, mineral depletions, organ status, immune function, and nutrient deficiencies of all kinds can be identified and re-balanced before dysfunction and disease set in.