A preponderance of the anti-aging literature focuses on lifestyle, nutritional, and other natural strategies for stimulating your own levels of HGH, or human growth hormone.  (HGH is the hormone associated with vibrancy in higher levels and with aging in lower levels.)

How exciting is it to realize that lifestyle and nutrition are steps that are within your own control; meaning you can have a role in choosing your rate of aging and the quality of your elder years!

Genetically, our cells contain all our aging potential, forward and backward, throughout our lifetime.  This magic is what we call our DNA.  DNA has the capacity to express our bodies as beautiful newborn babies, bright adolescents, and the infinite number of possibilities of adulthood from 21 to 121 (and probably beyond).

Toulouse Latrec

DNA can provide the pattern for a happy, fit, vibrant version of you at any age as well as it can provide the pattern for a resentful, sedentary and weak version of you at any age.  Most have us have experienced some version of this in our own lives.  If you’ve ever gained and subsequently lost weight; or if you’ve ever been in and out of various levels of physical conditioning, you know that your body literally changes shape according to the conditions it is working under.

Your genes are really better thought of as genetic potential.  And that potential is limitless.
This does not change the fact that we would all do well to embrace ourselves exactly as we are this very minute.  It does free us from any sense of victim-hood regarding our genetic heritage.