sherry in hawaii

Not currently taking new clients.  Contact Sherry directly at toll-free 888-541-9921 to find out if her services and your needs are a good match.

Your first appointment is used to gather your health history, to review your existing supplement usage, and to help determine which, if any, kinds of further laboratory tests are needed, while also providing you with an initial food and supplement plan.

There is no charge for this initial discussion. Skype or phone consultations are available for private clinical holistic nutritional counseling following that initial call.

Before your appointment, you will need to prepare the following items.  Plan to e-mail, fax, or mail them 7-10 days prior to your first phone appointment.  Do the best you can with gathering this information.   Many of these things can be discussed over the phone if you prefer.

  • Keep a Food & Symptom Journal for 5 days; record everything you eat and drink including quantities, ingredients, time of day, and any symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, or other pain, and generally as much detail as you can.  Click the highlighted words for a form you can use.
  • Gather up all prescription and non-prescription (over-the-counter medicines such as tylenol, tums, etc.) medications and all food supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, etc. that you are currently taking on a regular basis.    Write out or copy all the ingredients in these bottles.
  • Gather copies of any laboratory tests you’ve had done in the past 12 months.  These might include blood, urine, hair, digestive, hormone, biofeedback, or any other kinds of tests.
  • Send current close-up photo of your beautiful self (if you prefer not to Skype).
  • Download this Health Questionnaire and fill it out as completely as possible.

Sherry’s job is to use the details of your own life story to help  you re-find your health, wellbeing and zest for life.

In slightly more technical words, Sherry gathers the data from an in-depth analysis of your unique biochemistry within the holistic context of your health history (physical, emotional, spiritual).  This analysis is then used to provide you with guidance to choose natural health strategies such as vitamins, herbs, and other supplements or nutritional and lifestyle changes.