Holistic nutritional counseling is “holistic” precisely because it includes the non-physical aspects of our life experience as well as the biochemical and physical aspects.  Our physical wellbeing is profoundly connected to our non-physical wellbeing as we all know.

How easy is it for a stress at work to result in a headache.  How easy is it for a chronic worry about a child to turn into an ulcer.  How easy is it for a problem at home to weaken the immune system and turn into chronic colds and flu’s and more.

Teaching spiritual wholeness is a little bit like teaching how to find air to breathe; we already have it and there is no way to not have it.

Still.  There are many benefits to learning how to breathe more fully, more consciously.  And there are many benefits to understanding our spiritual wholeness more consciously, too.

As we improve our diet and our overall health, our body begins to allow greater access to our non-physical selves.  We may begin to have tears unexpectedly where we had not cried for years.  We may have irritability or even rage that we haven’t felt for years or ever.  We may feel differently about long-term relationships, etc.  An invitation to change has arrived.

Transformation is the process of changing the nature or character of something.  Transcendence is the state of going beyond usual limits. In more concrete terms, transformation requires effort while transcendence refers to the effortless change from one state of being to another. In the context of personal growth and healing, transformation and transcendence are both very important strategies for accomplishing change.

It is very likely that either strategy chosen at the wrong time will result in failure.  Or in other words, both strategies chosen at the correct time result in great success.

The obvious question might be, how do you know when is the correct time for transformation?  When is the correct time for transcendence?  And what has this got to do with spiritual wholeness?

If the answers to these questions and an awareness of the connection between spiritual wholeness and your physical wellbeing are calling to you, consider making an appointment for Clinical Holistic Nutritional Counseling with Dr. Dell.