To me, a green salad is by definition an improvisation; make use of the best quality ingredients that are in season in your location and then, be creative.  The more fresh, crisp vegetables you can find to add to your salad, the better.

Your one guiding principle in creating a salad is to make it taste good without compromising its healing-promoting qualities.   Try adding my basic salad dressing to make your salad even healthier and more delicious.

The following is intended to give you some ideas.  But then, have fun, and be sure to fill your plate to the brim with the gorgeous salad of yours.  It’s a meal all by itself.

  •   fresh greens (green leaf, red leaf, spinach, swiss chard, watercress, dandelion leaf, escarole, arugula, radicchio, etc.; but forget about iceberg)
  •   fresh vegetables in season (zucchini, tomato, celery, string beans, broccoli, sprouts of all kinds, asparagus, peppers of all kinds, cucumber, avocado, etc.)
  •   nuts or seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, almond slices, walnuts, etc.)
  •   extra protein (tuna, chicken, baked tofu, beans of any kind)