Life Enhancing

“Working with Sherry Dell has been a life-enhancing experience. Her knowledge, support, and guidance have helped me develop higher levels of energy in both mind and body. I am able to pursue my passions again!”

Listen deeply

“Sherry is an exceptionally astute, intuitive healer who listens so deeply that she prescribes exactly what is needed physically, emotionally, and spiritually. These qualities are rare in one practitioner, and I value her tremendously on both professional and personal levels. I have been free of cancer for three years and am so grateful for Sherry's [...]


"After two experiences with cancer I knew I could not do chemo and radiation.  Working with Sherry has been the best gift in my life. Whatever I complained about, she suggested a remedy that helped me feel better. Who wouldn't be happier eating an avocado every day!”


“I have worked with Sherry Dell for several years and have always come back to work with her when I need additional treatment or have another problem I can't resolve. Sherry knows her business well and comes up with recommendations each time. I trust her and will continue to work with her in the future.”


"Sherry knows so much, but only tells you what you need to hear in the most encouraging fashion. In this way, her guidance is not overwhelming. I've found her holistic approach and advice has given me both immediate action to take and lots to think about. I highly recommend Sherry Dell's nutrition counseling."


"I'm much healthier and educated about my personal health and that of my family as a result of the time spent with Sherry Dell. I have recommended her to my clients for overall health and wellness. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and fun to work with.”


“Dr. Sherry Dell is caring, thorough and talented professional, providing health analysis and advice. She has worked with me for several years, continually improving my health indicators. For the service she provides, her rates are a great value!”


“Sherry is a wonderful nutritionist and she also is a great listener, confidant, mentor and friend. She provides a heart felt approach to well being that is so needed in today's hectic world. I would recommend Sherry to anyone based on her professional skill and knowledge as well as her ability to connect with her [...]


"Dr. Dell is not only knowledgeable in nutrition, but is a wonderful listener and communicator.  She makes the technical aspects of the body easier to understand for the lay person.  I have found her guiding intuition also great in those moments when decisions are not always clear.“


“Sherry has helped me gain a better understanding of my nutritional and general health needs through her combination of expertise on scientific and holistic nutrition. She adds a spiritual base to her knowledge to support improving health practices. She sees the whole picture of my health not just the blood test numbers and recommends choices [...]