Sherry’s Books

Collected Writings on Natural Health and the Spiritual Path

Part health and wellness guide, part memoir, part recipe book, this volume is a compilation of Dr. Dell's 25+ years of research, writing, and practice of both ancient and modern natural healing strategies.  It reflects her roots as a farmer's daughter and the farm traditions of self reliance and self care. It takes the reader [...]

The Art of Connecting with Nature

Research shows that spending time in nature is not only good for your spirit, its good for your health!   I am a contributing author to this book.  Written collaboratively by 22 authors, the book is full of stories, ceremonies and exercises to guide you in doing exactly what the title implies - connecting more [...]

Nature’s Home Remedies

Nature's Home Remedies: Make Your Own Self Care Kit for Everyday First Aid by Sherry Dell, PhD, CN. Rev Boo-boos happen.  Headaches happen.  Sore throats happen.  Bee stings happen.  Every so often, everyone has an owie that needs attention.  If you happen to have several people living under your roof, this might be a daily [...]