Nature’s Home Remedies: Your Homemade Self Care Kit for Everyday First Aid

Boo boos happen. Headaches happen. Sore throats happen. Bee stings happen. If you are living with several people in your house, these kinds of events might be a daily occurrence. Look in the medicine cabinets in most households and you can find a wide variety of over-the-counter medicines that are designed to attend to these [...]

How to Live: One Dog’s Wisdom for Humans on Health, Love, and Life

Seen through the eyes of a 12-year old mixed breed dog named Sally, this charming "guide book to life" offers simple and powerful words of dog wisdom.  Sally's advice ranges from the importance of sitting in the sun, chasing your tail, and trusting your instincts, to how to be kind to yourself and how death [...]

Spiritual Wholeness

Holistic nutritional counseling is “holistic” precisely because it includes the non-physical aspects of our life experience as well as the biochemical and physical aspects.  Our physical wellbeing is profoundly connected to our non-physical wellbeing as we all know. How easy is it for a stress at work to result in a headache.  How easy is it [...]

Athletic Performance

Athletes or people who exercise frequently reap many, many health benefits from their activities. It simply isn’t possible to gain optimal wellbeing without an active exercise life no matter how well you eat or how many supplements you take. However; it is also true that frequent, prolonged exercise puts its own demands on the body [...]

Quality of Longevity

A preponderance of the anti-aging literature focuses on lifestyle, nutritional, and other natural strategies for stimulating your own levels of HGH, or human growth hormone.  (HGH is the hormone associated with vibrancy in higher levels and with aging in lower levels.) How exciting is it to realize that lifestyle and nutrition are steps that are [...]

Optimal Wellness

Throughout history there have been individuals (you might even know one) who were vibrantly alive, enthusiastic and clear about their work, passionate in their capacity to love, and seemingly unable to age. It is our connection to the life force that gives us that kind of really-alive life. When the practice of connecting to the [...]