Before going to the doctor, try these 8 things for 3 days:

Breathing Appreciating Moving Sleeping Hydrating Pooping Eating whole food Stretching I woke up this morning thinking about this short and condensed version of all the principles of health I have learned over the past 30 years.  And I realized how truly powerful these simple actions are in relieving pain, renewing energy levels, regaining optimism and [...]

Screaming is Good for You

I have always maintained that loud vocalization is good for us.  Now here's a bit of science on the subject. Check out Dr. Susan Brown's latest newsletter and be sure to read to the end where you can click on a one minute video for how to clear your liver via screaming:

Spending the Hours

When it comes to spending, most of us think in terms of money but I want to remind us that the only real thing we have to spend is the time we have while we walk the earth. Let’s call that time our hours. We each get 24 of them per day; no bargaining, no [...]

Four Things to Do Everyday

If you have 8 minutes free, watch this Abraham video on the four most powerful things you can do everyday: meditate for 10 minutes spend as much time as possible in nature write down 5 pages of positive aspects acknowledge the universe is focused on you at all times. Thank you, Abraham for such a [...]

Your Feet Can Talk

If you've ever had foot pain, you won't argue this point one little bit. But what I'm referring to is Foot Reflexology.  If this is a new term for you, it refers to the mapping of the components of the body onto the corresponding areas of the foot for the purpose of massaging those areas [...]


I am freshly returned from my European Adventure.  I had a grand time in England and Sweden.  I managed to make a few videos along the way, so I will post them here.  First stop was Stonehenge; here are three videos from this location. I love ancient ruins and Stonehenge did not disappoint!   [...]