Four Things to Do Everyday

If you have 8 minutes free, watch this Abraham video on the four most powerful things you can do everyday: meditate for 10 minutes spend as much time as possible in nature write down 5 pages of positive aspects acknowledge the universe is focused on you at all times. Thank you, Abraham for such a [...]

Your Feet Can Talk

If you've ever had foot pain, you won't argue this point one little bit. But what I'm referring to is Foot Reflexology.  If this is a new term for you, it refers to the mapping of the components of the body onto the corresponding areas of the foot for the purpose of massaging those areas [...]


I am freshly returned from my European Adventure.  I had a grand time in England and Sweden.  I managed to make a few videos along the way, so I will post them here.  First stop was Stonehenge; here are three videos from this location. I love ancient ruins and Stonehenge did not disappoint!   [...]