Save Money by Eating Well

"Spend your money on good food so you don't have to spend it on doctors." --Myron Dell (reposting from 2009; the occasion was my Dad's 88th birthday) When I left home and moved across country at age 21, my Dad gave me some really good advice. He said, “Spend your money on good food so [...]

The Camino Lessons

This travel memoir of the Camino de Santiago relates the mystical experiences of Sherry's solo walk across northern Spain in 2019. She shares the many teachings given to her along the way including the lessons of silence, suffering, and grace, as well as the messages of love from the animals who abide on the Way. [...]

How to Live: One Dog’s Wisdom for Humans on Health, Love, and Life

Seen through the eyes of a 12-year old mixed breed dog named Sally, this charming "guide book to life" offers simple and powerful words of dog wisdom.  Sally's advice ranges from the importance of sitting in the sun, chasing your tail, and trusting your instincts, to how to be kind to yourself and how death [...]

Signs and Symptoms Suggesting the Need for Nutritional Cleansing

It’s that time of year again for me.  Late summer is the time I allow for a few weeks of nutritional cleansing.  What is nutritional cleansing? It is the use of food and supplements designed to de-burden the body of toxins so that it can achieve its own “internal house cleaning.” This kind of house [...]

The Deeper Magic of the Thank-you Note

One of the greatest gifts my Mother gave me was the practice of writing thank-you notes.  As far back as I can remember, she modeled to me the sweet reality that all gifts deserve and require gracious acknowledgement.  I say sweet reality because this was not a spoken lesson or a forced lesson or any [...]

Collected Writings on Natural Health and the Spiritual Path

 Part health and wellness guide, part memoir, part recipe book, this volume is a compilation of Dr. Dell's 25+ years of research, writing, and practice of both ancient and modern natural healing strategies.  It reflects her roots as a farmer's daughter and the farm traditions of self reliance and self care. It takes the [...]

Caprese Tacos

I realize that I am not the inventor of caprese tacos, but since yesterday was the first time I thought to make them and I am still basking in the sheer delight of their flavors, I thought I would post my version of the recipe. I made a traditional caprese salad with our first garden [...]

The Art of Connecting with Nature

Research shows that spending time in nature is not only good for your spirit, its good for your health!   I am a contributing author to this book.  Written collaboratively by 22 authors, the book is full of stories, ceremonies and exercises to guide you in doing exactly what the title implies - connecting more [...]

Ode to my Girlfriends or How Relationships Improve our Health

I have been thinking lately how much I love my girlfriends.  Of course, I have always loved them so this must be some new deepening in my sense of appreciation but nonetheless, there it is.  So when I recently read a new study (1) published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of [...]

Before going to the doctor, try these 8 things for 3 days:

Breathing Appreciating Moving Sleeping Hydrating Pooping Eating whole food Stretching I woke up this morning thinking about this short and condensed version of all the principles of health I have learned over the past 30 years.  And I realized how truly powerful these simple actions are in relieving pain, renewing energy levels, regaining optimism and [...]