The Spiritual Nature of Food

Food is the designed mechanism for transferring life force from one species to another, for allowing an individual to consciously (or unconsciously) enter into a relationship with life, and for participating in the cycles of life. Conscious Eating is a kind of spiritual practice that can bring the miracles of  food to your awareness. The [...]

The Honey Bees’ Contribution

Have you heard the news reports about the plight of the honey bee?  Speculation is that up to 80% of some beekeepers colonies have been lost to a condition that has come to be called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Significant numbers of the wild bee population have also died out along with a similar sized [...]

The Healing Potential in Aligning with your True Self

There is a kind of healing that requires no experts, no counseling fees, no years of struggle, no journey to the far reaches of the planet.  It is the kind of healing that comes from self-compassion and self-embrace.  It requires only the allowance of our heart’s desires. In our heart’s desires are the seeds of [...]

Reconsidering the Low Carbohydrate Diets

In November, 2002, Dr. Eric Westman from Duke Univeristy released his findings that Dr. Atkins’ low carbohydrate, high fat diet may not only be beneficial for weight loss but also for improving HDL cholesterol and other blood fat levels. The six-month study found that participants not only lost an average of 31 pounds, but also [...]

Nutritionists and Dieticians

Clinical Holistic Nutritional Counseling differs significantly from traditional dietician (sometimes also called nutritionists) guidelines in several ways. Clinical holistic nutritional counseling is inclusive of the individual’s many facets of life experience, beyond the limits of physical symptomatology.  This is in contrast to dieticians' traditional, allopathic medical model.  The allopathic dietician paradigm is a deconstructive one, [...]

Nutritional Approaches to Improving Depression

Have you ever felt depressed? It’s a bit shocking to think about, but I can’t think of anyone I’ve ever met personally or professionally who could answer “no” to that question. Yikes! I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising since statistics tell us that one out of five Americans suffers from serious depression. Statistics also [...]

Human Communication and Peace

After years of studying human communication, completing a PhD on the subject, and teaching various forms of communication skills and theory, it has become clear to me that human communication is largely non-verbal. Non-verbal communication might include gestures and eye contact and touch, but far and away the primary form of non-verbal communication is the [...]

Holistic Nutrition and the Healthy Breast

The National Institutes of Health has stopped a major clinical trial of the risks and benefits of combined estrogen and progestin in healthy menopausal women 3 years early due to a 26% increased risk of invasive breast cancer over placebo. This recent news (1) has shined new light on the question of what options are [...]

Holistic Biochemical Balancing vs. Weight Loss Programs

There is not no.  Only Yes.  What you say yes to, you include in your life experience.  What you say no to, you also include in your life experience. --Abraham• If you have ever struggled with extra weight, the chances are very good that you’ve tried any number of “miracle” diets.  Maybe they worked for [...]

Holism and Hydration: On the Importance of Drinking your Water Every Day

Most people I see in my practice are dehydrated. Many drink no water at all. Most drink diuretics throughout the day (coffee, tea, sodas, alcohol), which actually cause the body to excrete more water. Some say they don’t like the taste of water. But for the most part, people seem unaware of the power and [...]