Save Money by Eating Well

"Spend your money on good food so you don't have to spend it on doctors." --Myron Dell (reposting from 2009; the occasion was my Dad's 88th birthday) When I left home and moved across country at age 21, my Dad gave me some really good advice. He said, “Spend your money on good food so [...]

Signs and Symptoms Suggesting the Need for Nutritional Cleansing

It’s that time of year again for me.  Late summer is the time I allow for a few weeks of nutritional cleansing.  What is nutritional cleansing? It is the use of food and supplements designed to de-burden the body of toxins so that it can achieve its own “internal house cleaning.” This kind of house [...]

The Deeper Magic of the Thank-you Note

One of the greatest gifts my Mother gave me was the practice of writing thank-you notes.  As far back as I can remember, she modeled to me the sweet reality that all gifts deserve and require gracious acknowledgement.  I say sweet reality because this was not a spoken lesson or a forced lesson or any [...]

Water, Petroleum and the Planet

If you've ever had a conversation with me, the odds are pretty darn good that we got around to the topic of water. As a health care practitioner, I'm water's biggest advocate. I've seen it alleviate all manner of discomforts from headaches to backaches to constipation. And as a child of nature, I'm an even [...]

Nature’s Home Remedies

Nature's Home Remedies: Make Your Own Self Care Kit for Everyday First Aid by Sherry Dell, PhD, CN. Rev Boo-boos happen.  Headaches happen.  Sore throats happen.  Bee stings happen.  Every so often, everyone has an owie that needs attention.  If you happen to have several people living under your roof, this might be a daily [...]


  Yucca Glauca, photo taken south of Colorado Springs at Turkey Canyon Ranch, June 10, 2000 SPECIES:  About 30 species in the genus Yucca are found in North America .  Only Yucca glauca is common and native to the western great plains.  It is found from South Dakota down through western Nebraska , [...]


What does the word "wholeness" call to mind?  How about the term "holistic"?  Body, mind, and spirit?  Or maybe it has come to connote nothing more than a natural approach to health? Let's consider wholeness that state of being that includes both our light and our dark sides (and any of the-shades-of-grey sides you might [...]

What you Need to Know about Sugar

Let me start with some true confessions.  I grew up as a sugar junkie.  I suppose when I look back on it, I’d have to say my Mother was a sugar junkie too.  Though truthfully, I probably expanded on her addiction in a significant way, as following generations normally do.  And now that I think [...]

Warm Weather Eating

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, do you find yourself reaching for cooler and cooler foods and drinks?  Does a crisp, green, nicoise salad sound much better than a big bowl of steaming hot minestrone soup?  You bet. This is your intuitive wisdom taking care of you.  Your body simply doesn’t need the extra [...]

Vibrant Longevity and pH

Perhaps for the many who experience aging as a time of infirmity, weakness, suffering, and loneliness, it is safe to say that aging is a very unpleasant experience. But for those who find aging to be a process of gaining wisdom, insight, and an increased capacity to experience joy, gratitude, and love, aging is most [...]