Save Money by Eating Well

"Spend your money on good food so you don't have to spend it on doctors." --Myron Dell (reposting from 2009; the occasion was my Dad's 88th birthday) When I left home and moved across country at age 21, my Dad gave me some really good advice. He said, “Spend your money on good food so [...]

Signs and Symptoms Suggesting the Need for Nutritional Cleansing

It’s that time of year again for me.  Late summer is the time I allow for a few weeks of nutritional cleansing.  What is nutritional cleansing? It is the use of food and supplements designed to de-burden the body of toxins so that it can achieve its own “internal house cleaning.” This kind of house [...]

The Deeper Magic of the Thank-you Note

One of the greatest gifts my Mother gave me was the practice of writing thank-you notes.  As far back as I can remember, she modeled to me the sweet reality that all gifts deserve and require gracious acknowledgement.  I say sweet reality because this was not a spoken lesson or a forced lesson or any [...]

Water, Petroleum and the Planet

If you've ever had a conversation with me, the odds are pretty darn good that we got around to the topic of water. As a health care practitioner, I'm water's biggest advocate. I've seen it alleviate all manner of discomforts from headaches to backaches to constipation. And as a child of nature, I'm an even [...]


  Yucca Glauca, photo taken south of Colorado Springs at Turkey Canyon Ranch, June 10, 2000 SPECIES:  About 30 species in the genus Yucca are found in North America .  Only Yucca glauca is common and native to the western great plains.  It is found from South Dakota down through western Nebraska , [...]


What does the word "wholeness" call to mind?  How about the term "holistic"?  Body, mind, and spirit?  Or maybe it has come to connote nothing more than a natural approach to health? Let's consider wholeness that state of being that includes both our light and our dark sides (and any of the-shades-of-grey sides you might [...]

What you Need to Know about Sugar

Let me start with some true confessions.  I grew up as a sugar junkie.  I suppose when I look back on it, I’d have to say my Mother was a sugar junkie too.  Though truthfully, I probably expanded on her addiction in a significant way, as following generations normally do.  And now that I think [...]

Warm Weather Eating

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, do you find yourself reaching for cooler and cooler foods and drinks?  Does a crisp, green, nicoise salad sound much better than a big bowl of steaming hot minestrone soup?  You bet. This is your intuitive wisdom taking care of you.  Your body simply doesn’t need the extra [...]

Vibrant Longevity and pH

Perhaps for the many who experience aging as a time of infirmity, weakness, suffering, and loneliness, it is safe to say that aging is a very unpleasant experience. But for those who find aging to be a process of gaining wisdom, insight, and an increased capacity to experience joy, gratitude, and love, aging is most [...]

The Spiritual Nature of Food

Food is the designed mechanism for transferring life force from one species to another, for allowing an individual to consciously (or unconsciously) enter into a relationship with life, and for participating in the cycles of life. Conscious Eating is a kind of spiritual practice that can bring the miracles of  food to your awareness. The [...]